CoL air quality strategy 2025 to 2030

CoL air quality strategy 2025 to 2030

The City of London Corporation is consulting on its revised Air Quality Strategy. It is a statutory document which provides a mechanism for delivering our obligations for London Local Air Quality Management. The Strategy outlines what action will be taken over a five-year period, 2025 to 2030, to continue to improve air quality across the Square Mile.   

Twenty years ago, levels of air pollution across the City of London were almost three times what they are today but there is more we need to do to ensure that we all have air that is healthy to breathe.  

The consultation period runs from Monday 3rd June to Friday 26th July.

The Strategy details action across five areas: 

  • Air quality monitoring 
  • Leading by example 
  • Collaboration with our partners 
  • Reducing emissions  
  • Public health and raising awareness