R+M contract update

Update from the City of London:

On Wednesday 26 June we went out to tender for our repairs and maintenance procurement.

We would once again like to thank many residents for their contributions, be it via our public consultations in February, working groups, and section 20 observations; all of which we have taken onboard to help craft this procurement.

The highlights of this tender package are as follows:

  • Handyperson service – two multiskilled tradespeople working 5 days a week, equipped with commonly used materials and equipment to undertake minor repairs, and to be rotated amongst estates on a demand basis.
  • Recruitment of a dedicated contract manager – to better oversee performance, scrutinise orders, and enforce the terms of the contract, including an updated code of conduct.
  • Emphasis placed on quality and workmanship within the tender evaluation scoring.
  • Client-only break clause which can be activated after 3 years of the 5-year contract term.
  • Resident involvement with quality evaluation scoring
  • Revised technology requirements – to improve the flow and scope of information from the contractor to CoL staff, and to future-proof for potential new systems.

We remain on target to deliver these changes within the new contract, due to commence on April 1 2025.

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