how should local funding be spent?

how should local funding be spent?

The City’s Central Grants Unit is really keen to get residents’ views on how community funds should be spent. In the past resident response to their consultations has been fairly low so they are proactively seeking our participation (emails and phone calls with GLERA).

Deadline is the 25 October.

Golden Lane has benefited from the Neighbourhood Fund – we received £50,000 for the Imagine Golden Lane bike project – so if you can take a moment to complete it may very well impact how successful we are in applying for funds in the future. 

You can see a list of previous recipients here – worth taking a look at.

The landing page of the consultation gives useful background so it’s copied below in the pink box!

Help shape the priorities of your local Neighbourhood Fund

‘The City of London Corporation would like to hear your views.

When there is a new development, developers are required to pay a charge which is called the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and this is used to provide a range of infrastructure improvements across the Square Mile. The City of London allocates 15 per cent of the CIL it collects to be used as its neighbourhood portion – known as the Community Infrastructure Levy Neighbourhood Fund.

Each year the Neighbourhood Fund distributes over two million pounds in grants across the City of London. The fund’s primary focus is to provide neighbourhood infrastructure and community benefit for those who live and work within the City of London. The Neighbourhood Fund supports an extremely broad range of capital infrastructure improvements and community activities. From providing children’s workshops during school holidays, to supporting arts and health activities for young families both locally in community centres and at City-wide festivals. From improving the City’s green spaces for users and wildlife, to encouraging cycling through the provision of safe, secure cycle parking. From adapting buildings to reduce noise pollution, to animating public spaces through art designed for and with young residents.

Please share your thoughts and ideas on how to shape the Neighbourhood Fund and share the survey with your neighbours. As the number of applications increases, we need your steer on how to prioritise the allocation of funding when there is an abundance of strong proposals.

The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.’

City of London Corporation