repairs meeting update

Follow up email to we need to talk about repairs… meeting:

Hello Everyone

Thanks for coming to the meeting last week, and a big thank you for the patience of neighbours who currently have vey concerning repair issues – I’m sorry that the meeting wasn’t able to address your problems individually, but it’s not because they aren’t seriously important.

current issues

Our Councillors are best placed to follow up your complaints and demand that these failings be addressed immediately. Post meeting Ceri, Dawn and Sue (our Councillors) spoke to a number of residents individually. Ceri who sits on the Housing Sub-Committee will be following up with Fleur (customer services manager) and, if necessary, bring up at committee. If you couldn’t stay around to talk to them then please drop Ceri an email on

If you want to speak to a Councillor in person then go along to this month’s Ward surgery where Alderwoman Sue Pearson will be in attendance with Cllr Paul Singh – it’s at the Community Centre on Thursday night (1 June) from 6-7pm. No appointment necessary, just drop in.

Dawn Frampton our newest Councillor has lived on the estate for many years so really understands some of the ongoing issues with repairs – you can also drop her a line:

And of course, our other resident Councillor, Anne Corbett (who couldn’t make it to the meeting on Wednesday) will also be happy to follow up on any concerns:

contract renewal

GLERA is trying to focus on the upcoming contract renewal. We want to have input into the bidding process and contractual terms so that the next contractor we have actually cares about the estate. The Repairs team are working with Pennington Choices, a consultant who have experience advising on similar sized contracts.

We’re quietly optimistic that as a result of pulling last week’s meeting together MikeSaunders (Head of Repairs and Maintenance) has invited GLERA to be part of the consultation. In terms of the contract renewal, here is a summary of the points that were discussed on Wednesday. Please feedback your thoughts, which points you think are most important for example, or any other suggestions. All comments welcome and useful!

  • Attract SME (small or medium) companies to bid
  • Restrict sub-contracting
  • Introduce penalties / incentives
  • Accountability
  • Local labour and supplies
  • Apprentice schemes
  • Handypeople on site

more info to follow

There was obviously a lot more discussed and we’ll do another follow up in due course once we’ve been able to consolidate info with Fleur, but in the meantime just wanted to make contact and make sure our Councillors get to hear about any problems you are having with the repairs process, failure to repair, mis-categorisation etc. The statutory ‘right to repair’ guidelines that Fleur went through are attached. Along with Housing Property Services team structure.


Quick note on GLERA – we’re just a few of your neighbours trying to juggle work, family and other life demands, whilst doing what we can to improve life on the estate by working closely with our Councillors and using our recognised status as a resident association as best we can. If you can get involved, please do. The AGM is on Saturday 17 June (some time in the afternoon tbc) and if you’re interested in finding out more about joining the committee please drop me a line. We need you!