crescent house | abatement on service charges

Back in 2020 GLERA initiated enquiries into the failure of the Corporation to apply two abatements to the service charges presented to leaseholders of Crescent House. In the last 15 months, with huge bills on the horizon for the windows refurbishment project, GLERA, Crescent House residents and Cripplegate Councillors have continued to agitate whilst the Corporation lawyers were ‘obtaining a legal opinion’.

On 1 May 2024 the Children and Community Services Committee made a decision in favour of leaseholders and shortly after the meeting GLERA Chair, Tim Godsmark, received the confirmation below:

Crescent House – abatement of service charges – committee decision
Wednesday 1 May

Dear Tim 

I refer to recent correspondence with the GLERA on the question of the abatement of service charges at Crescent House.

A report was put up to committee today on this issue. 

The committee has decided to: 

abate future and historic service charges (back to 2012/2013) under all current and future leases at Crescent House by:

–             27% in relation to external and structural repairs and decoration works; and

–             3.9735% in relation to works to common parts and lifts.  

A letter explaining the decision will be sent to all long leaseholders at Crescent House in the coming weeks.

The Home Ownership Team will now begin the process of adjusting the relevant service charge accounts to reflect the decision and will ensure that the abatement is applied to the service charges for the upcoming window replacement works. 

I would be happy to answer any questions that you have arising. 

Andrew Cusack 
Principal Lawyer 
Comptroller and City Solicitor’s Department 
City of London Corporation

via email

There are questions arising from the email received from the Comptroller which GLERA is following up.