• Creating a neighbourhood plan (in general conformity with the City’s Local Plan)
  • Commenting on planning applications
  • Influencing Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) spending

A portion (25%) of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) in our area would be subject to Forum influence. Without a neighbourhood plan in place that figure is 15%. The City holds a balance of £43m of unspent CIL money. In 2021/22 CIL funds received amounted to £9.8m. In that year only £4.6 was spent and allocated and only £0.6m was spent on “neighbourhood” projects in all areas.
(Source: Corporation of London).

Barbican and Golden Lane Neighbourhood Forum

so many plans…

A bit of context of how the Neighbourhood Plan fits in with other Plans, from national through to local:

Mapping out areas of interest with Golden Lane and Barbican residents at the Barbican Picnic Summer 2023

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